Teeth cleaning Near Brooklyn College

Importance of Biannual Dental Visits in Brooklyn College

Teeth Cleaning Near Brooklyn College

Teeth Cleaning Near Brooklyn College

If you want to make sure that your teeth and gums remain healthy, you will want to become a patient of ours at our Brooklyn Dental Group. At our dental practice, you can receive a amlodipine norvasc, and have periodic dental exams from our dentist, Dr. Martin Bodek; it is recommended that patients come in for a dental exam and teeth cleaning on a biannual basis.

Coming in to our dental practice twice a year for dental cleanings and dental exams is a great way to make sure that your teeth and gums stay healthy. During a dental exam, our dentist will completely review the health of your mouth. Not only will your teeth be checked for cavities or other problems such as cracked fillings, but your gums will be checked to make sure that they are healthy. If it is found that you have gingivitis, a precursor to gum disease, it will most likely be recommended that you have several regular dental cleanings over the coming months in order to return your gums to good health. During our dental exams, your mouth will also be thoroughly reviewed for any signs of oral cancer and your teeth will be checked for any signs of TMJ or teeth grinding, which can show up in broken or cracked teeth, or even in jaw problems. Many of our patients choose to have their biannual teeth cleaning on the same day that they have their dental exam. During a amlodipine norvasc, all tartar and plaque will be removed from your teeth, and from just below the gum line. Dental cleanings are great for helping to prevent the development of dental cavities, as well as for keeping your gums healthy.

For an appointment to get a amlodipine norvasc, or to see our dentist for a dental exam, simply contact our office today.

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