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Teeth cleaning in Canarsie

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Dental cleanings versus periodontal cleanings

Teeth cleaning in Canarsie
Teeth cleaning in Canarsie

When it comes to taking care of your teeth and your gums, there are plenty of different services that your dentist can provide for you. One of the most basic procedures you can get at the dentist is a routine dental cleaning, which is essential when it comes to fighting off cavities and gum disease. But should you develop either one of those conditions you may require a different kind of treatment, such as a periodontal cleaning. Here at Brooklyn Dental Group we can provide you with teeth cleaning in Canarsie if you are in for a routine dental visit, or on the other hand we can provide you with a periodontal cleaning if you happen to have gum disease.

Everyone knows just how important it is that they brush their teeth on a daily basis. Generally, you should brush your teeth between meals in order to limit the amount of plaque buildup that accumulates when you eat throughout the day since plaque is what causes tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque and other harmful bacteria in your mouth can react acidically with sugars and starches in the food that you eat, systematically weakening your tooth enamel and gums and making them more susceptible to decay or disease. Routine teeth cleanings in Canarsie here at Brooklyn Dental Group can help limit the amount of stubborn and hard to reach plaque that you may have in your mouth, and visiting about once every six months or so will ensure a thorough job. Periodontal cleanings are different, though, and are used to help treat gum disease. Gum disease causes gum recession, for pockets to form along the gumline and fill with plaque and it may even cause significant tooth, tissue and even bone loss. Periodontal cleanings are a more intensive version of a regular dental cleaning and involve scaling and root planing as well.

Whether you are in need of some periodontal treatment or a simple teeth cleaning in Canarsie, we here at Brooklyn Dental Group can help. With the right treatments our dentist can help restore your dental health and maintain it overall for years to come.

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