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Partial dentures, used to replace one or several missing teeth, have been around for a long time and are still being utilized today. And why not? They do a good job and complete your smile, allowing you to avoid the self-consciousness of having that empty space where teeth used to be. But what if there were a better option, something more advanced and with more advantages? Well, that option exists and we at Brooklyn Dental Group want you know about it. Dental implants are the most recent development in tooth restorations and may be just what you’re been wanting to replace missing teeth in Flatbush.

With partial dentures, you put them in as needed and they are held in place with dental adhesive. This is fine, except that the process is not 100% reliable. If you already wear partial dentures, you can likely attest to the fact that dentures can slide around, making you feel less than confident when you eat or speak. So, dentures are good but not great. What makes dental implants a better choice when you decide to replace missing teeth in Flatbush? A dental implant is a two step process. First, you will have a titanium post surgically put into your jaw by an oral surgeon. Over the next few months, your jaw bone will grow around the post and cause it to fuse. This creates a strong bond. You will then come to our office where Dr. Bodek will place and cement a tooth-colored crown to the top of the post. What you’re let with is a restoration that not only looks like a real tooth, but also feels like one. You will be able to eat, speak, and laugh as you would normally, without fear of your dental implant moving around in your mouth.

About 98% of dental implant procedures are successful, so as long as you meet some basic qualifications, you can feel sure that you’re making the right decision. Besides your gums being in good condition, the most basic requirement is that your jaw bone needs to be sufficiently strong and thick to support the implant post. But don’t worry. Bone grafting can be done if need be. Personal habits such as smoking and diseases such as diabetes may affect your ability to get a dental implant, but these are things that will be discussed beforehand.

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