Kids dentist Canarsie

Kids Dentist Canarsie

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Pediatric dental exams and cleanings in Canarsie

Kids dentist Canarsie
Kids dentist Canarsie

People of all ages need routine dental care, including children. When it comes to dental exams, kids should start seeing a pediatric dentist from the time their first teeth begin to develop. Here at Brooklyn Dental Group, our kids dentist in Canarsie can help ensure that your children get the comprehensive care they need. Dr. Martin Bodek has been providing the boro of Brooklyn with the best dental care for over 23 years, so if your child is need of pediatric dental exams and cleanings, look no further than our offices.

In general, everyone should see their dentist twice a year for exams and cleanings – kids included. Kids can start seeing a dentist when they first start teething. Teething is a stage of growth where kids still mostly have gums, but may feel discomfort from their baby teeth trying to emerge. As a result, kids tend to bite on and chew things to alleviate their symptoms, which is known as teething. By beginning to see a pediatric dentist at this stage, it makes it easier to spot any potential dental concerns as well as prevent them. Even though baby teeth don’t last forever, the way they develop often predicts how permanent teeth will develop later on, giving your pediatric dentist insight to potential issues like bite problems, malocclusions, and other concerns. Here with Dr. Bodek at Brooklyn Dental Group, your child can get the complete pediatric care they need during this stage. Here at our offices, we do our best to make your visit accommodating. We are open 6 days a week, and participate in most insurance and union dental plans in order to give you and your family the best possible care. If your child needs to see a kids dentist in Canarsie, Dr. Bodek is here throughout the week to provide them with the dental procedures they need to maintain and improve their dental health.

If you are looking into setting up pediatric dental exams and cleanings for your child with a kids dentist in Canarsie, call us here at Brooklyn Dental Group to schedule your appointment with Dr. Bodek today.

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