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Our general dentist in Flatbush, Martin Bodek, DDS, is dedicated to not only maintaining healthy teeth in all our patients but also keeping them the best looking they can be. Dr. Bodek uses state-of-the-art equipment with the latest in dental advancements to give you the brighter smile you want, providing you with metal-free dental crowns that are natural looking and functional as well.

Flatbush Brooklyn Dentist
Flatbush Brooklyn Dentist

Our general dentist in Flatbush sees many patients with teeth that are missing and whatever the cause, we know this can be devastating. Our compassionate staff listens to your needs and goals and suggest the best treatment options for you. When missing teeth makes it difficult to chew, a dental bridge could be the best solution. A fixed bridge is a non-removable appliance that Dr. Bodek uses to replace single or multiple missing teeth. The empty space is filled with metal-free dental crowns (artificial teeth), that are connected to the teeth on both sides of the space. Usually requiring two to three dental visits, porcelain bridges are quite durable and will last many years. The bridge will not only restore the shape of your face but can ease any embarrassment caused by missing teeth. Missing teeth can also be the start of other dental issues, including the loss of additional teeth, the shifting of adjacent teeth which causes an imbalanced bite, difficulty chewing, and changes in the shape of your face.

The porcelain dental crown used in a bridge protects the structure of your tooth as well as making it stronger. Porcelain crowns are metal free, and each one is handmade which increases longevity. These metal free dental crowns used by our general dentist in Flatbush, have a more life-like appearance, and will restore a worn-down or fractured tooth to its original shape, size and shade. The metal-free dental crown procedure with our general dentist in Flatbush usually requires two appointments and replaces large fillings and protects teeth from further breakage and decay,. Dental health is very important but we know it’s also important to be able to look your best and our dedicated staff at Brooklyn Dental Group is here to answer all your questions.

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