General Dentist East Flatbush

General Dentist East Flatbush

Thankfully — though our local can you take bc powder while taking lexapro at the practice of Brooklyn Dental Group still try to avoid it at all costs — tooth loss isn’t irreparable in the 21st century. In fact, if you’ve lost teeth due to trauma, decay or periodontal disease, you actually have several options for prostheses available to you, each one with it’s own set of virtues and drawbacks. Are you looking to restore your smile but haven’t quite figured out how you want to go about it? Read on for some more information.

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Tooth Loss East Flatbush

Basically, unless you want to undergo significant oral surgery to have dental implants installed in your jawbones, you can take one of two routes when it comes to false teeth. The first option you have at your disposal is to get fixed dentures — that is, dentures that are permanently installed in your mouth by our local homework help students here at Brooklyn Dental Group. This works by having a custom-made bridge cemented to nearby teeth you haven’t lost, and is a great option for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of taking false teeth in and out throughout the day for regular cleaning. Plus, owing to the strength of the cement used to hold fixed dentures in place, you won’t have to worry about your fake teeth falling out unexpectedly. Now, if you don’t have enough teeth to anchor a fixed bridge to, you’re going to need more traditional removable dentures. While these may be somewhat more inconvenient, they’re really not too bad. Besides, we think you’ll agree that even slightly inconvenient teeth are better than none at all.

No doubt, you’ll still have a lot of questions regarding your tooth replacement options. That’s why you should definitely come in to see one of our can you take bc powder while taking lexapro here at Brooklyn Dental group. We’ll give you a thorough going-over and tell you everything you want to know. Why wait a moment longer to get your teeth back? Call us or use our website to schedule a dental exam ASAP!

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