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Can you recall the last time you visited your local Flatbush Avenue dental office? The longer you go without visiting the dentist, the greater the chances you run of developing a destructive disease or experiencing the damages of decay, which will only require further time and money to treat. If you have gone some time without having your mouth professionally cared, there is no time like the present to book an appointment with your local oral health care center for an initial oral exam. Our welcoming and state of the art offices of the Brooklyn Dental Group provide initial oral exams that work to get your oral health back on track to insure a beautiful smile for a life time.

11210 Dental Checkups

11210 Dental Checkups

An initial oral examination is not just for a young child growing into adult health care, they are also vital for those of us who have gone many years without having our teeth and gums properly examined by our trusted Flatbush Avenue dental office. These exams are vital in providing a thorough and detailed examination of the health of your mouth while charting previous conditions and work you have had done, to check the health and quality of fillings or crowns you may have had previously placed inside your mouth. Your doctor can chart the progress of any disease you have or discussing any genetic predisposition you may have to destructive illnesses such as gum disease.

At your professional Flatbush Avenue dental office our initial oral exams are more than just a visual examination of your smile and gentle periodontal probing to check for the initial signs of gum disease. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff also utilizes the latest technology in the form of a series digital x-rays for the mouth, known as periapical x-rays and bite-wing x-rays. Not only does this form of imaging technology provide your doctor with far greater detail, it also puts out 90% less radiation, allowing for a safer way of examining smiles. This series of x-rays allows your doctor to see below the surface to detect decay and diseases in their initial stages, check for bite problems, and even predict how any unerupted wisdom teeth will affect your smile in the future.

For a truly healthy and beautiful smile you can count on for a lifetime, adults should be visiting their neighborhood Flatbush Avenue dental office at least twice a year. With regular cleanings and examinations from Dr. Martin Bodek and his team with over 23 years of experience, you can actively work to stop cavities and damaging periodontitis from happening to your smile. Your road to better oral health begins with an initial oral examination and cleaning from the advanced and conveniently located offices of the Brooklyn Dental Group.

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