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Have you been fighting a losing battle against bad breath? Does halitosis constantly have you reaching for another piece of gum to get the bad taste out of your mouth, only to have it return once the intense mint flavor is gone? These could be signs that your oral health routine needs a little more than simply brushing and flossing twice every day. Bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth are more than just annoyances and hygiene anxieties, they are also the first symptoms of gingivitis. This initial stage of gum disease does not cause harm to your smile, but it can quickly progress into destructive periodontitis without proper care, and the solution can be easier than you think. Ask your local East Flatbush family dentist at the advanced care offices of Brooklyn Dental Group how the right mouthwashing technique can make all of the difference to your smile.

Dental Care East Flatbush
Dental Care East Flatbush

A mouthwash can do so much more that freshen your breath, the right blend can actually fight gum disease and even strengthen your teeth against decay and disease. The American Dental Association highly recommends the use of mouth rinses in the fight against gum disease. While a fluoride-based wash can also strengthen your teeth with this unique mineral to rebuild dentin and enamel and prevent damage and decay, any mouthwash will work to lower the levels of bacteria in your mouth. It is natural and necessary for humans to have a low level of bacteria in our mouths in order to properly break down and digest food, but poor oral hygiene can cause these numbers to rise to dangerous levels, allowing them to cause gum disease and tooth decay if left untreated. Our team at your trusted East Flatbush family dentist can help you find the right mouthwash and instruct you on proper use to keep your smile healthy.

Mouthwash should be used immediately after brushing and flossing, and never by a patient under six years of age. While many of us are usually diligent about gargling our mouthwashes for at least 45 second before spitting it out, many of us make a critical error that can undo your efforts entirely. Patients should take care to never ever dilute fluoride mouthwash after use. In doing so patients actually rinse off the mouthwash from the surface of your teeth, which prevents it from properly coating and cleaning your mouth. Patients should use mouthwash before bed or leaving the house for the day to insure that it stays in place to fight cavities to its full extent. Fluoride is the best way to fight cavities today, but too much can cause additional problems, so be sure to consult the experts at your professional East Flatbush family dentist of the Brooklyn Dental Group before use for a smile that is truly as healthy as it can be.

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