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Emergency Dentist in Brooklyn

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If you have been suffering a toothache for more than one week, your pain is more than just an annoyance in your life, but is in fact one of many oral health issues which prompts the need for emergency care. Dental emergencies encompass more oral health problems than many of us realize. Whether you have lost a tooth or are suffering from an oral pain in the rear of your jaws, your smile needs to be cared for as soon as possible. Your first step to caring your smile is pay a visit to your local emergency dentist in Brooklyn at the state of the art offices of the Brooklyn Dental Group.

Emergency Dentist in Brooklyn
Emergency Dentist in Brooklyn

If you have lost your tooth due to physical trauma, your first step is to stay calm and locate the missing tooth. If the tooth has fallen out from your mouth and become dirty, you should quickly rinse the tooth with water in small amounts, and then replace the tooth into its socket if possible. If this cannot be done, patients can place the tooth into a glass of milk, or even store the tooth in your mouth against either inside of your cheek where it will not be harmed by your smile. Avoiding store the tooth in water if at all possible. With immediate care from your emergency dentist in Brooklyn, your doctors can reattach the tooth and restore your smile.

While missing teeth are the most often thought of reason for emergency dental care, they are in fact only one of many. Any toothache which lasts more than one week needs to be treated be your professional emergency dentist in Brooklyn as soon as possible. An ache in your smile could be the cause of a destructive root canal infection or an abscessed tooth. Either problem can cause the tooth to become lost without immediate care. If you have a dental filling that has become loose, this also prompts the needs for emergency care. Any damage to dental work, from braces to bridges and caps and fillings, is a problem which needs to be taken care of by your dentist at your earliest convenience. Other examples of dental emergencies include food trapped between the teeth, and even wisdom tooth eruption.

For immediate care of your smile when you need it most, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood emergency dentist in Brooklyn at the state of the art offices of the Brooklyn Dental Group. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff proudly serve your local community with the latest advancements in dental technology and procedure. With emergency care from the Brooklyn Dental Group, you can find the care you need to return your smile to picture perfect health.

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