East Flatbush root canal

East Flatbush Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in East Flatbush

If you ever have a dental condition or other concern, it is important that you have it treated right away. Dental issues such as decay or disease can easily spread and grow worse the longer they go untreated. If not treated right away, more severe and intensive measures may need to be taken. This can easily apply to painful conditions such as root canal infections, and we here at Brooklyn Dental Group can help. When it comes to East Flatbush root canal care, our dentist Dr. Martin Bodek is here to make sure that patients of all kinds get the care they really need.

Root canal infections can be rather painful. Though root canal infections often share similar symptoms with cavities, root canals tend to have a more lasting and more intense pain. This is usually because the nerve ending located at the center of the affected tooth becomes agitated as well, so any irritation can harm the nerve ending and cause a throbbing, persistent pain. Here at Brooklyn Dental Group we can take a look at potential or possible root canal infections to diagnose the issue as well as treat it. The first course of treatment for root canal infections is usually root canal therapy, which aims to eliminate the infected part of the tooth while salvaging the rest of the tooth as much as possible. Because root canals are located at the center of the tooth, this procedure can be tricky, and should be performed by a specialist like Dr. Bodek, who has been serving the Brooklyn community for over 23 years. In order to preserve the affected tooth, root canal therapy is best performed as soon as a diagnosis is made. Plus, this means that your pain can be alleviated sooner as well. In the event that root canal therapy is unsuccessful, we also offer other procedures and treatments that can be considered if the occasion calls for it.

Our goal here at Brooklyn Dental Group is to provide the best comprehensive care, no matter what the issue or what treatment is required. If you have an East Flatbush root canal, we can make sure that you get the care that you deserve.

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