East Flatbush family dentist

East Flatbush Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in East Flatbush

We are well into our third decade of serving our valued patients here at Brooklyn Dental Group. We have worked hard to earn our stellar reputation, which is based on excellence in dental care for all ages. To make things easy and to meet the needs and preferences of everyone, we are pleased to accept many insurance plans. We also stay open late four nights per week, and have Saturday hours, too, for maximum convenience.

The earliest experiences that your child has with our East Flatbush family dentist are likely to form the basis for how she or he feels about dental care as a teenager and then as an adult. That’s a big reason for making our office one that provides gentle, patient, personal care. Kids have needs that are unique to that of adults, and our East Flatbush family dentist is proud to tend to them so that he or she is assured of the best chances of cavity-free teeth and disease-free gums throughout childhood and well into adolescence. Furthermore, the transition from baby teeth to adult ones is delicate, and it needs to be monitored closely. Count on us for that and much more. For all ages, our digital x-rays make for more precise and detailed images. Even more important, there is far less exposure to radiation. And everyone, from toddlers to great grandparents, needs to have a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning two times per year. Among our other services are root canals, extractions, cosmetic care, and emergency treatment for those urgent matters that simply cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment.

Depend on our East Flatbush family dentist for everything you, your children, and your entire household require when it comes to top oral care. We’re here for you, so reach out to us and let us set up a convenient appointment.

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