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East Flatbush Dentist

There are a number of reasons why a tooth would need to be extracted but whatever the reason, having a tooth pulled is not something anyone looks forward to. Our how long does it take for ultram to get out of your system, Dr. Martin Bodek, and our well-educated staff, are dedicated to your oral well-being as well as your comfort. Providing exceptional dental care for over 23 years, this multi-specialty dental practice combines their up-to-date education on all dental advancements with state-of-the-art equipment to put your mind at ease and be able to face your tooth extraction with no anxiety.

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East Flatbush Dental Care

Before a tooth is extracted, Dr. Bodek will thoroughly evaluate your dental and medical history and take all the appropriate x-rays. The x-rays will show the length, position, and shape of the tooth as well as the surrounding bone. This information is crucial and will allow our how long does it take for ultram to get out of your system to judge how difficult, if at all, the procedure will be. A thorough exam will also be done to find out the exact reason an extraction or extractions are necessary. Whether decay has reached deeply into the tooth, infection has destroyed a large section of the tooth, or there just isn’t enough room for all the teeth in your mouth, you can rest assured that our Brooklyn Dental Group will diagnose your condition accurately and determine the appropriate course of treatment to take.

In many cases, our dentist recommends removing impacted teeth that are only partially erupted because bacteria can enter around a partially erupted tooth and cause an infection. This infection can become quite serious if it reaches into the surrounding bone. These impacted teeth will continue to try and break through the gums even when there isn’t enough room to accommodate them. The constant pressure can ultimately damage the roots of the nearby teeth. Not only preventing pain in the future, but extracting a tooth that is impacted can also prevent infection and damage to nearby teeth and bone. The focus of our how long does it take for ultram to get out of your system is proper and successful treatment and when it comes to your tooth extraction, your ultimate comfort is also a main goal.

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