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Tooth restorations in Ditmas Park

Ditmas Park Dentures
Ditmas Park Dentures

At Brooklyn Dental Group, we understand the many feelings patients may have associated with wanting to replace missing teeth and restoring their smile, ability to speak and eat properly. We will take the time to not only determine if dentures are the correct dental treatment to meet your needs, but to answer all of your questions and concerns related to this or any other tooth restoration service that may be necessary for your personal smile goals. In addition to an in-depth consultation accompanied by a comprehensive examination, we will thoroughly explain the exact course of action involved prior to proceeding with your Ditmas Park dentures as well as any other dental treatments performed in our office.

Patients often have a number of questions regarding the various types of dentures available and which will best suit their needs. Fixed or removable, partial or full are among some of the options that may be considered. The extensively experienced and well trained professionals at Brooklyn Dental Group will be able to thoroughly explain the details involved with your Ditmas Park dentures and whether a particular type of denture is preferred. In addition, our knowledgeable team will be able to offer guidance regarding proper techniques for caring for your new dentures as well as the continued proper oral care to maintain the health of your remaining natural teeth and gums.

The exceptional and personable staff at Brooklyn Dental Group is confident you will feel more self-assured about the appearance of your smile as well as the comfort and functionality of your Ditmas Park dentures. To begin, we encourage new patients to reach out to our friendly team of professionals to schedule your initial consultation and examination. In addition to providing you with an office visit, we can also answer many of our new patients commonly asked questions including participating insurance providers, accepted methods of payment and the additional dental care services and treatments we provide. In some cases, patients may require more than one cosmetic or restorative dental procedure to achieve their desired look. We look forward to meeting with you soon to determine the proper tooth restoration procedure to meet your smile goals.

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