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Haven’t been to the dentist in a long time? Your initial oral examination is a vital part of your dental health care, it allows the staff of your local Ditmas Park dental office to establish a baseline of your oral health with which to work from. At Brooklyn Dental Group, your first appointment is our chance to identify any underlying oral diseases or problems you may have for swift diagnosis and immediate treatment. We utilize the latest technology in dental x-rays to give you state of the art care for a beautiful and healthy smile you can enjoy your whole life through.

Ditmas Park Oral Hygiene
Ditmas Park Oral Hygiene

Dental x-rays at your local Ditmas Park dental office can diagnose many problems which even the most well trained and experienced dentist might otherwise overlook. Dental x-rays allow our staff to see what no human eye can. By taking scans of images below the surface of your teeth, our fully licensed and knowledgeable staff can identify problems such as areas of tooth decay, cavities, and even root canal infections the moment they start for immediate diagnosis and improved care. Dr. Martin Bodek of the Brooklyn Dental Group can even utilize dental x-rays to track the progress of your wisdom teeth growth to determine if any problems could develop, before they even start.

At Brooklyn Dental Group, your local Ditmas Park dental office, we are fully outfitted with latest in technological advancements to bring you state of the art dental procedures and treatments to care for your smile. Our staff can complete a full series of periapical x-rays for a full perspective of your mouth, including your gum line and jaw structure, with the use of the safer and more efficient method through digital x-rays. With digital x-rays Dr. Martin Bodek can view a full series of scans of your mouth through a computer, through a process that uses 80% less radiation than traditional x-ray technology, making it safer for our patients to receive the dental care they need for a healthy smile.

Dental x-rays are vital in detecting bone loss, as well as damage to the teeth and jaw bones by identifying any cracks and factures, which could lead to a potential infection in the future. These procedures are one of the leading processes in which the staff of your Ditmas Park dental office identifies many of the oral diseases and complications patients often suffer from, and many they never knew they had. Dr. Martin Bodek has strived to provide the very best in professional dental care to our local community for over 23 years. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff has the experience and training you can rely on to assist you and your family in maintaining a healthy smile for a life time.

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