Dentures in Flatbush

Dentist in Flatbush

Are you suffering from an unseemly smile due to the absence of teeth? Missing teeth can be a far more common problem than many of us realize. Unfortunately, missing teeth are also far more than just a cosmetic problem. The longer these gaps in your smile go without being filled, the worse the damage will become. Fortunately, the care you need for your smile does not have to break the budget or cause you any great deal of pain. You can always find the care you need with the latest styles of dentures in Flatbush at the welcoming offices of the Brooklyn Dental Group.

Today’s dentures are far more advanced than previous styles and technologies of the past. Prosthodontics are used today to treat dental loss in all shapes and sizes with partial and full styles. Partial dentures can be made into either removable or fixed procedures with flexible or firm dentures. Flexible dentures provide a comfortable and easy transition for first time denture wearers. These dentures are held into place through a series of metal clips which allow these dentures to stay firmly into place when you need them most, and easily be removed for simple and effective cleaning for your smile. Partial dentures can also be permanently placed into your smile by utilizing the surrounding teeth and a unique bonding process to insure a perfect and firm fit into your smile. For smiles which are missing far more than just a handful of teeth, your dentures in Flatbush can also be made to in full or traditional styles which allow for your mouth to achieve a beautiful smile without the pain or price of dental implants. Flexible full dentures can be the perfect way for first time denture wearers to achieve an easy transition while gum lines adjust to the feeling of teeth inside your mouth again, while also providing increased durability against accidental drops into your bathroom sink. Dentures can also be made from a series of composite resins to mimic the look of healthy gum lines as well as porcelain for beautiful and stain resistant new teeth that work to allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and speak with confidence once more.

For a smile restoration that meets your unique personal and financial needs, be sure to visit the dentist in Flatbush at the state of the art offices of the Brooklyn Dental Group. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over 23 years with the latest advances in dental technology and procedure to insure the restoration of smiles in patients of all ages. With dentures from the Brooklyn Dental Group, you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile once more.