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Dental Office East Flatbush

Dental Office East Flatbush

Generally speaking, anyone who has teeth, including babies, can get cavities, and cavities are one of the world’s most common health problems. Cavities develop into tiny openings or holes and permanently damage areas in the hard surface of your teeth. Also called tooth decay, cavities are caused by various issues, including teeth not being cleaned properly, bacteria in your mouth, snacking too often, and drinking overly sugared beverages. Our East Flatbush dental office, Brooklyn Dental Group, likes to educate all our patients on the importance of good oral hygiene and the consequences of cavities.

Cavity Prevention East Flatbush

Cavity Prevention East Flatbush

If cavities are left untreated, they become larger and soon affect the deeper layers of your teeth. These untreated cavities will also lead to severe toothache, infection and, eventually, loss of the tooth. Dr. Martin Bodek cannot stress enough how important regular dental visits are, as well as good brushing and flossing habits to help prevent cavities. Depending on the location and extent of decay, the symptoms will vary. Some signs to look out for are toothache, sensitivity or sharp pain when eating sweets or something hot or cold, pain when biting down, visible holes in teeth, or any discharge around teeth or gums. There may be no symptoms at all when a cavity is new but at our East Flatbush dental office, we might be able to see decay starting and recommend the proper treatment to prevent it from getting worse.

When treatment calls for a filling, we offer many options depending on the severity of the cavity and the cosmetic goal you want to achieve. The latest dental fillings are made of ceramic and plastic compounds that look just like your natural teeth. These compounds, also called composite resins, are mostly used on the front teeth where you really want the look to be more natural. In some cases these fillings can also be used on the back teeth. Dr. Bodek, at our East Flatbush dental office, is a recognized expert in his field and has been dedicated to making smiles their healthiest and brightest for over 23 years.

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