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Dental plaque in Canarsie

Canarsie dental office
Canarsie dental office

The bacterial film that you feel and even taste when you awaken each morning is known as dental plaque. Of course, you immediately brush your teeth to promote a fresher feeling. We all know what morning breath is like. Well, that’s the least of what dental plaque is responsible for. And at Brooklyn Dental Group, we’re dedicated to helping prevent the worst consequence of plaque on your teeth and gums.

What is responsible for the development of plaque? A big part of the answer can be found in sugar and starch, found in the foods and beverages that you consume. This means obvious sources like candy and soda, but also ones that not everyone considers, including ketchup, fruit juice, and dairy products. Even potatoes, pasta, and rice can act as catalysts for plaque. Our Canarsie dental office wants to keep your teeth from decaying as a result of it. Cavities form and then your teeth are prone to infections. You can end up in pain and needing root canal. You might even lose the tooth. But it’s not just your teeth that are susceptible. Gum disease is traced back to dental plaque, too. The first stage is called gingivitis. The first line of defense against dental plaque is brushing and flossing at home. Some plaque tends to remain out of reach, though, and it then hardens into tartar, which cannot be efficiently managed with at-home oral hygiene. When you come to our Canarsie dental office for a six month checkup, you will get a teeth cleaning, which will eradicate the plaque and tartar you have at the time. This means less chance of future cavities and a reversal of early stage gum disease.

As part of a total strategy for defeating dental plaque, contact our Canarsie dental office right now to set up an appointment for a dental exam and teeth cleaning.

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