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Teeth bleaching in Brooklyn

Brooklyn dentist
Brooklyn dentist

Many people want to enhance their smile. A smile is one of the first thing people notice about others and it can really leave a lasting impression. Yellowed, discolored teeth are not only unsightly, but they can make it look like you have poor oral health, even if you don’t. There is a definite connection between the color of a person’s’ teeth and their dental health and hygiene, but some people experience staining because of the food they eat or simply their age. Dental bleaching can easily reverse these effects and give you the smile of your dreams. Here at Brooklyn Dental Group, our Brooklyn dentist can provide you with a custom treatment that will leave your teeth looking noticeably whiter and brighter than ever before.

While dental health can have a direct effect on the appearance of your teeth, so can your diet. Foods like tomato sauce, berries and candy can all lead to enamel staining, but the biggest perpetrators tend to be coffee, tea, soda, sports drinks, wine and other popular beverages. Brushing between meals, especially with a whitening toothpaste, can help prevent surface stains but may not be able to do so entirely. Here at Brooklyn Dental Group, our Brooklyn dentist can provide you with a custom teeth bleaching treatment that can effectively lift and separate complex stains from your tooth enamel and brighten your teeth by several shades. Our in-office treatment is completely safe and totally guaranteed. The procedure is painless and you can control just how white your teeth get with every session. Teeth bleaching is great before a wedding, a string of job interviews, or any time you wish to enhance your appearance and feel confident in your smile again.

If you have stained teeth and want to make a change, visit us here at Brooklyn Dental Group where our Brooklyn dentist can provide you with the custom teeth bleaching you deserve.

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